The USA Chess Olympiad team, composed of Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Sam Shankland, Ray Robson, won the 2016 Chess Olympiad this week in Baku, capping a tournamnet of high expectations for the Americans. With a team composed of 3 of the top 10 players in the world, the USA were able to bring home the Gold medal.


 The American team (Photo courtesy of Baku Chess Olympiad)


Ukraine and Russia took home the Silver and Bronze medals, respectively, in the Men's side, while China, Poland, and Ukraine, won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Women's event. Congratulations to all the Olympiad teams!


Final Men's Event Standings -


Rk. SNo   Team Team Games   +    =    -   TB1   TB2   TB3   TB4 
1 2   United States of America USA 11 9 2 0 20 413,5 31,5 152,00
2 5   Ukraine UKR 11 10 0 1 20 404,5 31,0 153,00
3 1   Russia RUS 11 8 2 1 18 419,0 32,0 151,00
4 9   India IND 11 7 2 2 16 350,5 27,5 158,00
5 12   Norway NOR 11 7 2 2 16 344,5 26,5 147,00
6 19   Turkey TUR 11 7 2 2 16 341,5 30,0 135,00
7 7   Poland POL 11 7 2 2 16 331,0 29,5 132,00
8 8   France FRA 11 6 4 1 16 326,5 30,0 131,00
9 6   England ENG 11 7 2 2 16 323,0 26,5 144,00
10 34   Peru PER 11 7 2 2 16 306,0 26,5 139,00


View the round 11 Caruana (USA) vs Bareev (CAN) - (1-0) game below!

Chess, like any other activity, takes effort to excel at. There are different practice procedures to follow if you want to move up the ranks in chess. If you have a chess rating you can follow the recommended steps below. If you do not, find a FIDE or USCF rated tournament and get a chess rating.

Unrated to 500:

  • Solve puzzles – remember quality is better than quantity. Don't try to make moves on the computer before you have thought through the entire variation
  • Learn basic openings and follow these opening rules:
  • Control the center. To do so, play 1.e4 or 1.d4 as white, and try to put a pawn in the center to start the game as black.
  • Develop the minor pieces. Get all of your Knights and Bishops into the game.
  • Castle!! One of the most important steps of the opening. Castling your king gets him away from your opponent’s pieces’ attacks.
  • Develop your major pieces. Get your queen and rook out! Try to put your rooks on open files.
  • Attack!!!! Aim for your opponent’s king and remember, a checkmate ends the game.
  • Solve some basic puzzles on checkmate – mate in 1 puzzles and mate in 2 puzzles are recommended.
  • Learn the basic mates – 2 rooks and king vs. king, rook vs. king, and queen vs. king. Learn how to win a basic King and Pawn vs. King endgame as well.
  • Above all, concentrate while playing chess games in tournaments and avoid blunders.


  • Continue to solve puzzles (3 or 4 moves).
  • Strengthen your opening repertoire and learn some basic openings such as the Giuoco Piano for white and the Sicilian for black (against 1.e4) and the queen’s gambit declined (against 1.d4)
  • Learn more endgame positions, especially learn the concepts of opposition and fox in the chicken coup.


  • Continue to solve puzzles (4-5 moves).
  • Get a coach
  • Learn more complex openings such as the Queen’s gambit for white and the French (against 1.e4) and the nimzo-indian (against 1.d4) for black.
  • Learn the Lucena and Philidor endgame positions. Study the concepts of opposition.
  • View GM games at the website
  • To be more connected with the chess world, follow the articles on our page as well.


  • Solve puzzles – 4+ moves
  • Practice endgame concepts such as N, B, and K vs. K
  • Play games online
  • Do what your coach thinks is necessary
  • I also recommend buying the Silman Book. It has different chapters which target a particular rating range. Below is the book information (affiliate link).

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After testing many clocks, such as the Chronos series clocks, the Satiek clocks, the DGT chess clock, and the new Zmart clock, I think that the Chronos series clocks are the best in the market. Although expensive, Chronos clocks are extremely versatile and can be used in almost all controls.


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