Even though the Chronos has so many settings and is a great chess clock, it is definitely a clock that is not easy to operate. To turn on the clock and access all the possible time controls, you should press the red button once while holding down the buttons or touch pads. To scroll through the time controls one should press the appropriate button (above the code). In order to turn your clock off , press and hold the red button and tap one of the clock buttons 5 times. To set a time control, press and hold the red button. Then use the button on the appropriate side of the clock to add time. To scroll to the next unit (10 seconds, seconds, etc.), press the red button once.

    Once you have finished setting the times, press the red button again to show further options. This could be the second time control, the delay, the increment, or further options, depending on the option you have selected. In the "further options", LED means the light next to your touch pad lighting up (1 is yes, 0 is no) and BEEP is the beep after you or your opponent make a move. The COPY to option will be discussed in my next article "Advanced Options: How to use the Chronos II Chess Clock" The other options are self explanatory.